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Green Okie Master Carpenter Reaches New Milestone

Oklahoma City, OK, Sept. 2020 – Green Okie Master Carpenter, Matthew Conley, completes his ten-thousandth corbel. Every Green Okie pergola built in the past six years has his signature corbels, which are corner brackets that support a wooden structure and provide a decorative corner accent. Conley works in the shop and builds all of the integral, small parts for Green Okie’s pergolas and other custom projects. He crafts every corbel by hand, and is the only Green Okie team member who makes them. Conley’s corbels come in three styles based on the size of the project. He crafts them in batches and can complete up to 100 in a single day.

Conley’s corbels provide structural support in every pergola, pavilion, porch post, pavilion, gazebo, arbor, and more. He also builds most of Green Okie’s TV boxes, shutters, and other custom parts. If you’ve had a Green Okie project installed in your outdoor space in the past six years, Mr. Conley has handmade parts for it.


Kevin Sutter, Green Okie founder, said of Conley, “He’s the type of person that’s the foundation of our company. He comes to work every day and is committed and diligent. He’s one of the reasons why people trust Green Okie.” The company is incredibly fortunate to have someone of his character, work ethic, and talent on the team. Green Okie customers benefit from Conley’s talent every day because their projects have a special touch of beauty, in addition to strength and structural stability that helps them last for decades.

Green Okie transforms outdoor spaces with custom pergolas, pavilions, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and much more. 

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