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Often, we must dive into a design to meet all the desires and needs of our customers.

Considerations are many, East, West orientation, soffit height, gutters and downspouts, patio shape, direction of drainage and privacy issues. On top of everything is architectural and structural design such as wood size and span between legs. In most cases it’s not just four legs and a canopy, if you really want to get the most out of your outdoor space it’s got to be custom.

This project involved all the above.

The split-level design brought the west facing section down some and to give the long span a break. The canopy level was carefully considered to mate to the guttering and wall utilizing a formed polycarbonate wall connector. Leg placement was critical and required one concrete footing to make the supporting frame super strong.

The best part was our customer wanted to be able to sometimes see out and get the breeze when wanted. We engineered the huge vertical operating shutters, which are fully adjustable and also lock open or closed. Tongue and groove cedar for small wall sections completed the look and functionality.