Why Western Red Cedar?
Western Red Cedar is one of the world’s most durable woods. It’s naturally at
home in the outdoors. Its natural resistance to moisture, decay, and insect
damage make it the ideal choice for a surface that is exposed to the sun, rain,
heat and cold all year round. (Cedar.org)

Will I see any cracks with my new pergola?
Western Red Cedar is a natural product in which surface cracks, wane, and
checking may appear. We have the experience to repair and remedy these
situation depending on the severity.

What type of stain does Green Okie use?
We use WOOD DEFENDER stain. All Wood Defender stain is manufactured with
stringent quality control to guarantee consistent performance. High quality, deep
penetrating natural oils are used to replenish and revive the composition of the
wood. By doing this, your pergola is the best it can look.

Does GREEN OKIE do the electrical work?
We are not licensed to do electrical. We do recommend a licensed electrician or
you can choose your own. We WILL install the LED lights to the pergola. You will
then need an electrician to finish the installtion. We DO install the cedar
platforms for the ceiling fans. You will need an electrician to install your fan.

Does GREEN OKIE provide 3D CAD (computer aided design)?
Yes, this amazing technology enables you to see your project placed at your house
in 3D. All of our designs are custom to your needs. We will come out to your
location, measure, take pictures, and discuss with you exactly what you would
like. We will then meet with you again to go over the 3D CAD design and explain
our building procedures. There is a design fee only if you wish to keep a paper or
electronic copy. This fee will go towards your purchase should you choose GREEN

How are the legs attached?
In most cases we drill holes in the concrete and install 5/8 all thread using
anchoring epoxy. We then attach a Simpson galvanized steel post anchor which
elevates the leg off the ground for good drainage. This means there is no cracks
or holes for water to get in and freeze causing cracking. In some cases we need to
dig and install concrete piers for the post anchor to attach and support the
weight. In either case there is a cedar boot or trim which covers all the hardware.
Can I build a Pergola just in the yard with no patio or with paver stones?
Yes, in this case we would dig and pour concrete piers to attach the legs.

Do you use nails for construction?
No, we use all screws which are ceramic coated so it can be taken apart and will
not leave any black streaks over time called tannin bleed.

Do you attach anything to my house?
No, in most cases nothing is attached or touching your house. The canopy or roof
will go either over or under your eves in either case we leave room to replace
shingles or gutters in case of damage.

Is there a warranty?
Yes, Green Okie stands behind our projects with a one year warranty. The
products we use such as Suntuf polycarbonate roofing carries a 10 year hail
damage warranty as well as Wood Defender stain with a two year warranty.

Do I need a building permit?
Depending on what city you live the regulations vary as to the requirements for a

I have an HOA (home owners association) how does that work?
Should your HOA require a permit Green Okie will assist you with the paper work
and designs necessary to satisfy your HOA.